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“That night: tears mix with dark red blood and you can’t see straight and you can’t think straight but nothing matters anymore because all you know is you need to feel the sting of the blade and the sickening relief that comes with it. you keep telling yourself this is wrong and you’ll stop any day now but god it’s been so long since you’ve seen skin that wasn’t scarred you’re starting to forget it’s even possible.
Day one: for the first time in years, you had a good day but you’re still scared this is just a phase because happiness never lasts and the darkness always settles in your chest when you least expect it. but for the first time in years, you go to bed without flinching when the sheets rub against open cuts.
Day seven: it’s been a week and it’s starting to look good but you’ve been let down so many times you refuse to let yourself believe this is the start of something good. nothing good ever lasts and you’ve learned that lesson too well to forget it now.
Day thirty: it’s been a month and your family will finally stop asking to see your wrists every time you’re quiet but no one can feel the silence eating away at you, no one can feel the way your scars start to itch when someone is looking in your direction. your parents may start forgetting that you’re broken but that doesn’t make you feel whole.
Day forty: you’re starting to get bad again and you’re sucked right into that dark cycle you swore you’d get out of. you’re drowning in your own sadness and you don’t have the air to call for help anymore. you’re choking on that lump in your throat and it feels like you’re suffocating, god you’d do anything to make it stop even if that means leaving this place forever.
Day one hundred: it’s been too long and you’ve stopped counting days, you’re just guessing by now. everything is a blur except it’s all happening in slow motion. you can’t remember anything except how it feels to have the darkness drag you down by the ankles. you don’t know anything except red blood and warm tears.
Day two hundred and sixty three: you’re having trouble getting out of bed but this weight in your heart is all you know. faking smiles is taking so much energy but you won’t let anyone know you can’t breathe anymore because you’re dying on the inside and your lungs are rotting away. you don’t remember what it’s like to feel anything except a cold, metal blade on your skin, you don’t remember what it’s like to feel warm inside, you don’t remember what it’s like to feel anything at all. you’re on the sidelines watching everyone move on and make their own futures and you’re not even sure you want one anymore. you’re not sure of anything anymore, you’re an empty body with scarred wrists and broken dreams.”
- "My friends and family think I’m seven months clean." // k.c.w.
Anonymous asked: I want so badly to hug you. You're really awesome. I wish I could get closer to you. But you probably wouldn't want to hang around someone like me.

Aww I’d like to hug you too! I never get a lot of hugs :( Thank you love! Omg don’t say that, I’m sure I’d love to be around you, just talk to me whenever you want!! (That goes for all of you guys, I’m always here if you want to talk!) xx.

Anonymous asked: You can be anything you want to be. You are unstoppable. You are perfection. Don't ever give up <3

Aww omg you are so adorable, thank you so much. Haha, I would hardly consider myself anything near perfect, but thank you, I’m certainly never going to let anyone or anything stop me and get in the way of my happiness :) xx.

Anonymous asked: How'd your SATs go? J

They went okay, I think! I get results on the 28th so I’ll let ya know then :) This is so sweet omg you remembered <3

It was my second time taking them lol so hopefully my score got better! Thank you, babe! xx.

Anonymous asked: I have so much respect for you. and I feel you. You have just earned a fan. Stay strong, let's all stay strong.

Aww thank you so much, love. That means so much to me!!! You are very right, beautiful, we gotta stay strong and that’s usually easier when you have people you have trust! xx.

evenawhiterosehasablackshadow asked: could you tell me what you think some of my writing and what i could/should change? the doctors had to use cpr on me after i had taken 27 pills and a bottle of vodka but they didn't realize that all it would ever take to save me was you. thanks!xx

The meaning behind those lines are so moving, so you have brilliant ideas. Your writing will get better with time, so keep practicing. I think in this case, it’s important to have proper grammar and a good flow of words. “27 pills and a bottle of vodka. The doctors used CPR because no one realized all it took to save me was you.” I’m not sure how I feel about that either, tbh, but I hope you get what I mean. Like, you have the right ideas and even the right words, but you need to organize it and word it so it has a deeper effect.  xx.

“Fuck the idea of being “girly.” Wear skirts and flowers in your hair and bright colors and if you’re a girl, then you’re being girly. Roll around in mud and play sports from dusk to dawn and walk around with sweats and an extra large T-shirt, and if you’re a girl, then you’re being girly.
Destroy the notion that being born with a uterus makes you weak. Destroy the notion that to be feminine is to be fragile. Destroy the notion that women are in any way inferior to their counterparts. Destroy the notion that you are automatically worth less from the moment you are born. Destroy it, burn it to the ground with the fire you were born with, and plant seeds of your own growth in its ruins and when have you become a beautiful forest, remember the battle you fought to overcome and remember the war you have won, remember the path you have paved for the future and the destructive past you have rid the world of. Remember you are a warrior, not a victim.”

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“Cry me a river and drown in it. See if I care anymore.”
- k.c.w.
Anonymous asked: I recently started writing in my journal again and I'm gonna try to write a letter a day and give it to someone that inspires me when I'm finished. But my problem is that I really don't know how to start it off and end up looking at a blank page for hours.. Any advice? I listen to music when I write and it helps me write anything else but it's just not seeming to help with this..

Honestly, I do that a lot too. For the secret series, I’ll stare at the prompt or a blank word doc and just sit and brainstorm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Usually I start with one line I’d like to use in the poem and work around it. Add, edit, cross stuff out. This is art, it doesn’t go in one direction from top to bottom. Start at the end and find out how you can build up to it. Start in the middle and work around. Start with random lines, random words or phrases that just pop into your mind. If you like it, use it. Base your work around it, if you want. Just keep writing. Sometimes you’ll start with a base line/stanza and later you’ll realize you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit or it needs major editing. That’s fine. Putting words to paper at first is just a rough draft. If you don’t like it messy, start with scrap paper and copy your final version into your journal. Write a rough draft, edit basic mistakes, walk away for an hour or two and then come back with fresh eyes and edit again. It’s a process that can take a really long time, but it’s so worth it.

Good luck with your journal, love!! xx.